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AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets

Treatment With AFINITOR

AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets is a once-daily oral prescription medicine used to treat advanced hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer, along with the medicine exemestane, in postmenopausal women who have already received certain other medicines for their cancer.

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  • When you have metastatic HR+, HER2- breast cancer, the hormone estrogen gives your cancer cells the energy they need to grow and spread
  • Hormone therapy limits the amount of estrogen available for tumors to grow
  • Over time, however, your breast cancer can stop responding to hormone therapy and your cancer can start to grow again in other ways

Blocking the mTOR Pathway Can Help Slow the Growth and Spread of Cancer Cells

With combination therapy, you’ll have 2 medicines working together to help you fight your metastatic HR+, HER2- breast cancer in two ways instead of one. AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets works in combination with the hormone therapy Aromasin® (also called exemestane) to help delay the growth of metastatic HR+, HER2- breast cancer.


AFINITOR also affects noncancerous cells. Although AFINITOR has been studied in patients with metastatic HR+, HER2- breast cancer, how AFINITOR works has only been demonstrated in laboratory studies.