Treatment With AFINITOR

AFINITOR in combination with exemestane can treat postmenopausal women with metastatic HR+, HER2-negative breast cancer after failure of treatment with letrozole or anastrozole

Important Safety Information:

Do not take AFINITOR if you have had a severe allergic reaction to everolimus. Talk to your health care provider before taking this medicine if you are allergic to sirolimus (Rapamune®) or temsiro...

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Approved Use:

AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets is a prescription medicine used to treat advanced hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer, along with the medicine exemestane, in postmenopausal women who have already received certain other medicines for their cancer.

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Combination Therapy

With combination therapy, you will have 2 medicines working together to help you fight your metastatic HR+, HER2- breast cancer in 2 ways instead of one.

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Proactive Oral Care

If you have been prescribed AFINITOR, it's important to be prepared when it comes to your treatment. To help, we offer educational resources and tips that you can use if your doctor prescribes alcohol-free dexamethasone oral solution. 

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