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How to Take Treatment


How Should I Take AFINITOR When Treating My Progressive Lung NET?

Take AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets for progressive lung neuroendocrine tumors (lung NET) once a day at the same time each day consistently with or consistently without food. AFINITOR is a prescription medicine that is a once-daily oral tablet. Your doctor will prescribe the dose of AFINITOR that is right for you. Take AFINITOR exactly as prescribed by your doctor. When you start treatment with AFINITOR, your health care provider may also prescribe a mouthwash to reduce the likelihood of getting mouth ulcers or sores and to reduce their severity. Follow your health care provider’s instructions on how to use this prescription mouthwash. Your doctor may change your dose or tell you to temporarily interrupt dosing if needed.

When Taking AFINITOR Tablets:

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Use scissors to open the blister packs.

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Take it whole – not crushed, chewed, or broken.

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At the same time each day with a glass of water.

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Always take with food or always take without food.

You should have blood tests before you start AFINITOR and as needed during your treatment.

These will include tests to check your blood cell count, kidney and liver function, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

What should I avoid while taking AFINITOR?