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Understanding the Disease

Progressive Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors

What Is Progressive Lung NET?

Lung neuroendocrine tumor(s) (NET) is a rare form of cancer that starts in the lung. Lung NET may also be called:

  • Pulmonary NET
  • Bronchial NET
  • Lung carcinoid tumors

When the tumor has grown, spread, or gotten worse, this is known as progressive lung NET.

About 1% to 2% of all lung tumors are lung NET.


Understanding Nonfunctional NET

You may hear your doctor describe your lung NET as "nonfunctional". This means that your tumor does not release hormones that cause specific symptoms.

Progressive Lung NET

Understanding progression

Delays in diagnosis can lead to progression, which means that the tumor has become worse or spread from where it started in the lung. At this point, if removing the tumor through surgery is no longer possible, your doctor will recommend another treatment.