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What Is AfiniTRAC?

AfiniTRAC is a support program for patients taking AFINITOR® (everolimus). AfiniTRAC Care Champions can provide you with 1-to-1 educational support throughout your AFINITOR treatment journey. Each Care Champion is a registered nurse with experience in areas such as oncology, nephrology, and pediatrics, as well as an understanding of TSC. Each patient is assigned to just one Care Champion who will call you regularly to ask how your treatment is going and whether you have any questions.

When you register for AfiniTRAC, you will be matched with one of our Care Champion nurses who will provide you with ongoing, personalized support.

I recently helped one patient who had started AFINITOR® (everolimus). Within the first month of therapy, she had moved, changed doctors, and acquired a new insurance policy. I was able to help her throughout the entire process to ensure that she didn’t miss any doses.

Robin, AfiniTRAC Care Champion

The AfiniTRAC program does not provide medical treatment or medical advice. Calls with AfiniTRAC Care Champions are not intended to take the place of care provided by your doctor.


Get more information or register for AfiniTRAC by calling 1‑888‑9AFINITRAC (1‑888‑923‑4648).