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Doctor Discussion Guide


Advanced PNET Doctor Discussion Guide

Get the most out of your doctor visits

After learning that you have advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor(s) (PNET), it will be natural for you to experience strong emotions. So, it might be difficult to remember all that your doctor is telling you, and you might not be able to think of all the questions you want to ask. You may want to bring a friend or loved one to take notes for you when you visit your doctor. Do whatever you feel you need to do to get the most out of your doctor visits.

Talking about your treatment journey

You and your doctor will talk about the next step of your treatment journey. The next step may be cancer medicine. Some of the questions you may want to ask your doctor include:

  • What treatment plan do you think is best for me?
  • What treatment plans have you created for other patients like me?
  • What are the common side effects?
  • Are there ways to manage the side effects?
  • Have you had any patients stop taking this medication because of side effects?
  • How is this medication taken?
  • Will taking this medication limit my options later on in my treatment journey?

Asking about AFINITOR

You may want to ask your doctor the following questions when discussing whether AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets is the right step on your treatment journey:

  • Is AFINITOR right for me?
  • What is the evidence supporting the use of AFINITOR?
  • What side effects may I experience with AFINITOR?