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Finding help for the journey ahead

Learning you have advanced kidney cancer is very difficult. However, you should remember that you are not alone and that you can take control of your treatment.


Learn or have someone you care about learn about kidney cancer. That way, you can work together with your doctor to make important decisions.


Sharing the information you learn with loved ones will help them better understand the journey too.

Communication is key

Learning that you have advanced kidney cancer can be a very difficult experience. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your treatment journey. Be sure to keep in mind that there is a community of individuals–health care professionals and caregivers, your family members, and close friends–who are available to provide you with medical and emotional support every step of the way. And, most importantly, there are things that you can do to take control of your treatment.

Finding the support you need

Learning as much as possible about your advanced kidney cancer can help you play a role in the important decisions you and your health care provider will be making.

If you have any questions or concerns about your disease or your treatment, be sure to talk to your health care provider. Also remember to take advantage of your other support systems, such as:

  • Family and Friends: Knowing they support you and have an important role in your care can help your family become closer to you
  • Support Groups: Talking to other people with advanced kidney cancer can make you feel less alone. You may also learn more about what to expect along the way. In addition, you can meet people who want to share their insights and experiences. Ask your oncologist or clinic staff about local support groups


Remember, your journey with advanced kidney cancer is not one you are taking alone. If you have questions or concerns, or just need to talk, be sure to seek out the support you need, whether it be from your cancer care team, your family and friends, the members of a support group, or a counselor. Share your feelings with someone you trust. It can make a world of difference to talk about what you are going through.

Resources for Advanced Kidney Cancer

Explore these resources for more help along your treatment journey. This list includes online resources and toll-free phone numbers for a variety of organizations that provide information and support to people affected by cancer. The following organizations and websites are independently operated and not managed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Novartis assumes no responsibility for any information they may provide.

Patient Support Groups and Organizations

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation has no control over third-party websites and makes no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or any other aspects of the information contained on such websites. 


American Cancer Society, Cancer Survivors Network




Kidney Cancer Association


National Kidney Foundation


Support for NKF PEERS

General Cancer Support Resources

American Cancer Society



1-800-813-HOPE (1-800-813-4673)


Cancer Hope Network


Cancer Support Community