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How Treatment May Help


AFINITOR has doubled "progression-free survival time"

A clinical trial compared 277 patients who received AFINITOR plus best supportive care to 139 patients who received sugar tablet (placebo) plus best supportive care. Seventy-four percent of patients received prior sunitinib or sorafenib, and 26% received both sequentially.

This study showed that the length of time patients lived without their tumors growing or spreading (the progression-free survival) was 4.9 months with AFINITOR plus best supportive care vs 1.9 months with placebo plus best supportive care (P<0.0001).

Final results showed no statistically significant difference in overall survival between the two treatment groups.

Talking with your doctor

Keep your doctor informed

Having the freedom to take your medicine at home gives you the responsibility for taking it correctly every day. It is important to tell your doctor as soon as possible about any side effects you have while taking AFINITOR. If you report side effects as soon as they start, your health care provider can suggest ways to help minimize the need to change your dose due to side effects. Don't delay reporting symptoms. They may worsen, and your doctor may have to reduce the dose of AFINITOR, or stop AFINITOR, until symptoms get better.