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How Treatment May Help


AFINITOR has doubled "progression-free survival time" vs placebo

About the medical study of AFINITOR

In a medical study of 416 patients with advanced kidney cancer:

  • 277 patients received AFINITOR® (everolimus) Tablets plus best supportive care 
  • 139 patients received a placebo plus best supportive care. A placebo is a pill with no medicine in it

Results of the medical study

AFINITOR was proven to give some patients more time before their disease progressed. Treatment with AFINITOR more than doubled the time before tumors grew or spread compared to treatment with placebo (progression-free survival).

These numbers are based on a median, which means that half of the patients on each treatment did better than the results presented, and half did worse.

Talking with your doctor

Keep your doctor informed

With AFINITOR, you have the freedom to take your medicine at home. But this also means that you need to make sure you take it correctly every day. It is important to tell your health care provider as soon as possible about any side effects you may have while taking AFINITOR. Your health care provider can suggest different ways to help manage your side effects. Early communication of signs and symptoms may help prevent side effects from getting worse. If side effects get worse, your health care provider may have you stop taking AFINITOR or reduce your dose of AFINITOR until symptoms get better.